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So we were talking about how every Wranduin AU is too damn shmoopy.
Kat: It makes me want to draw really bloody or soul-crushing art
princess.magnificent: Or both?
Kat: wrathion comforting a really old dying king anduin
something awful
princess.magnificent: Anduin standing over the corpse of the mighty evil black dragon he’s just led the Alliance in slaying, staff falling from his hand as he says, “I thought you were different.”
Kat: asdf hahahaha
princess.magnificent: You draw it, I’ll write it
Go on then, woman.
edit: yes good

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[tv tropes]

H E' S  C O M I N G...
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how have i never leveled through EPL before? this is amazing


how have i never leveled through EPL before? this is amazing

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a project i literally did overnight

gonna make it a booklet…

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In case anyone missed the memo, by the way:


This cosplayer from Blizzcon


is apparently Raphael Ahad, the author of this official short story

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The Walking Dead + Notable Walkers
 “You believe in dead people walking around?”

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For all your (transparent) “fuck off” needs (◕‿◕✿) bigger version here

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